Set Me Free

۲ مطلب در اسفند ۱۳۹۴ ثبت شده است

۲۵ اسفند ۹۴ ، ۱۷:۲۶


So too long to say too much, but I got so tired and lazy 

posting that the Krdnshvn type nigga, but Well, now that you're waiting for dad to buy it and end years of not talking and there really is a good opportunity to say :) )


94 Ngash Nknyna like this. It was an important year. It happened to me in my life was impressive. Things that are a year or even the first two years of my life I was waiting for something Byftn; all of them before you got for me this year. Last year this time I was little but now I Melika Melika schoolboy's a Shaghlm student. I think its very important changes. Of course, every year the last three years I felt that I had a lot of change and impact, to the extent that I fear my life changes you budget and I spent many years with a series of events and change the future without facing a sham. I do some interesting things are that I can be Mntzrshvn?

And being happy, I'm happy and I think a lot of you, I am happy minutes this year. And that God is so good to me. That's another big thing not to want to have and not have. Why now, at least. That's just hope the people who really, really like, feeling like he Darmm conditions. I just keep myself going conditions. I'm usually happy with the situation, but I do not want anything more but I'm satisfied and I think these traits together :))

Summary Morsi God :)


94 years after the end of days "eating like a dog and walks to death," naming it :))

That we only eat one or two weeks. Juan went twice in recent weeks, twice Chlvgvsht SHISHLIK and once ate so much meat I ate so much that I wanna go vegetarian sham :)))

In terms of walking that nothing :))

Juan GHOLHAK campus yesterday to today walked out of the oil the law :)) Who would believe you? :>


Idi was pretty Company. Today we pack all together help create a sense of art exhibitions and workshops and these are my sunshine. IP Likes platter sense:]


Nini is loading ...: xxx


When posting songs made was comfortably numb. Can you imagine reading to sense when you're making more :))

happy New Year to you too :))

Come along and be good ;;; 95)

انصافا من فارسی تایپ کردم خود گوگل انگلیسیش کرد قابل برگشتم نبود :)))) من خودم نخوندم انگلیسی شو شما هم نخونید :)) صرفا دلم نیمد پاکش کنم :))

۰۲ اسفند ۹۴ ، ۲۳:۴۱

Good Days Are Coming

یک: من آدم فراموش کاری ام. خیلی فراموش کار. از هر اتفاق یا از هرجای زندگی فقط بخش هاییش یادم میمونه که دقیقا بعدش تو ذهنم مرورش کنم. این بعدش میتونه بازه ش به اندازه ۵ ثانیه کوتاه باشه و بعدش ایونتش به کل از ذهنم پاک شه. ازون به بعد یه اتفاقی تو زندگیم افتاده که من یادم نیستش. نه که سعی کنم بهش فک نکنما. نه! جدا نیستش. حتی اگه بعدش یکی بزنه تو گوشم سعی کنه یاد آوریش کنه قد یه خواب خیلی قدیمی تو ذهنم محوه. این صفت بدیه. خیلی بد.

دو: روزهای بدی ـن. تو هرروزم از یه جایی به بعد یه چیزی میشه؛‌ یه اتفاقی میفته که بقیه ی روز غیر قابل تحمل میشه. واسه همین ته شب همیشه بدم. البته منطقی تر که باشیم احتمالا روزها زیاد بد نیستن. من زیاد حساس شدم. شاید هم نه! آدم های دورم بد شدن. ولی خب بهرحال داره بد میگذره. ولی خب اعتقاد دارم که به زودی خوب میشم و روزهای خوب در راه ـند :)

سه: زندگی ـم این شده که از صبح تا شب برم مثل اسب دانشگاه برم / کار کنم و شب دو قسمت سریال ببینم و بعد بخوابم. راضی ـم از این روند. همون بهتر خارج نشم از این چارچوب و چشمم به چشم آدم ها نیفته از اول.

چهار:‌گوشی بخرم؟!